Professional and thorough language test

We offer courses for unemployed people who need to upgrade their language skills in connection with future job searches.

The course will be individual and will be adapted exactly to your needs, see examples of content here.

Thorough language test

At SprogGruppen we are experts in languages. Therefore we also have the knowledge and tools to offer a thorough language test which will clarify an individual’s oral and written skills within a specific language. A thorough language test will uncover strengths and weaknesses, which will give a good impression of the areas to focus on in order to improve the communication. Our thorough language tests are suited to test the language skills of your employees, or to be part of a recruiting process.

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What can our language tests do?

In many businesses, competence in one or more foreign languages is of vital importance – and it is becoming more and more important. Our thorough language test can uncover the language skills of potential or existing employees. This is done by means of a language analysis based on an active/passive vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. In addition, our language test can be expanded to include the written aspect.

A language test is an obvious tool in order to clarify the language skills of the employees in order to uncover a need, for example for supplementary education or language courses.

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Do you want more information about our thorough language test, or would you like to book a test? We appreciate the personal contact and are therefore always happy to hear from our customers. Contact us by means of the contact form. We will get back to you within 24 hours. You are also very welcome to call us on 8675 5211. or to write an e-mail to


How can we assist you?
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We believe that language can be the key to greater success. We always strive to provide a service that goes a little beyond the ordinary and offer some of the country’s very best language courses.

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